A beginner’s guide to blogging

What is blogging?

The first time the concept of blogging became recognised was through a Swarthmore College student in 1994. During that time, it wasn’t called a blog and was referred to as a personal homepage. In 1997 the term weblog came about.  

A blog is a platform where writers can write about anything they want, whether it be related to business or something personal. A lot of people share their viewpoints through blogging whether they wish to share, teach or do more of what they’re passionate about. A group of people can also run a blog.

A beginner’s guide to blogging

Today and in the past, people use their blogs as journals, write about their niche; technology, pets, insurance, laptop lifestyle, single mom’s, travel, parenting etc. Here’s a short beginner’s guide to blogging even though this whole website will take you through the overview of blogging.

Why are so many people blogging?

People are blogging because they want to increase the visibility of their brand and increase sales in a competitive world. By having a blog, maintaining it and having it updated, you become searchable. As a result, you keep going up as an authority figure and hopefully one day you will be the first choice from your competitor; you are boosting traffic to your website and make yourself searchable.

Blogging is a great way to show transparency to your readers, audience, potential customers and customers. What you can show and demonstrate through your blog is entirely your choice compared to paid advertising or placing yourself in places where your market hangs out. If you’re a starter and have no marketing budgets, blogging is a free and a fun way to being found depending on how fun you make it.

Can I be successful at blogging?

That is why you’re here at a short beginner’s guide to blogging. Let’s help you eliminate your doubts now.

Everyone can be a blogger. Take a look at this article  https://blogginghurdles.com/fear-of-failing-in-blogging/  and this article will help you too https://blogginghurdles.com/mindset-hurdles-in-blogging-and-the-road-to-success/. Once you understand that anyone can become a blogger, the average guy, a businessman, a single mom, a carpenter anyone can be a blogger and share what they want to share. You have to have the confidence and self-belief that you are the expert in everything you know up to today through your great times and adversities.

A beginner’s guide to blogging

Blogging is like going to a social event. Talking about what you’re passionate about, sometimes you talk about your work, helping someone with an answer they’re seeking because they see you as a guide, whether it’s personal or professional. Yes, everyone will have something to say about your advice, opinion or thoughts but you have to deliver your content with conviction because when you speak from the truth people will resonate with you.

So, in small words in a short beginner’s guide to blogging, I’d like to say that anyone can become a blogger if they have enough drive, determination and motivation. There will be a few more things that will come with blogging to challenge you. Just imagine how boring life can be if you don’t grow through your challenges?

How long should I blog for until I see results?

Unfortunately, there is no timescale as to when you’ll get to your breakthrough. Each post on a blog works together with several posts on the blog. Put more quality content, engage with people putting your audience first, updating your site and take more responsibility you will be successful. Your posts should be around 1000 to 1200 words. Make your posts relevant, interesting and research thoroughly to provide value. In this short beginner’s guide to blogging, I want to leave you with the most important thing you could do for your blog and that value, value and value. Content is king. Be deliberate, though through the use of keywords. Take a look at this article and how keywords help you in your blogging https://blogbenefits.com/blogging-is-a-free-way-to-make-money/.

A post every day or every three days isn’t going to make you a successful blogger if you’re not adding value.

A beginner’s guide to blogging

I am not technical

If we all look at what we aren’t good at we’ll end up doing nothing. For you to end up being successful, to get to the life, you want you would need to face a few things while you can outsource what you’re not good at.

That is basically what I’ve done. I love writing, and blogging is my passion so much that I’m even writing a book about it. Wherever you are at now; you have money to invest in your blogging business, perhaps you want to do it as a hobby, you don’t have any money and your parents’ are paying your bills, you are a single parent wondering how will you get both money and time or you just can’t afford to put money aside. Wherever you are at there is a challenge, there’s a way you can get to do some of it, and the truth is that most people’s lives are like this. There will always be a but or an obstacle in your way. Blogging will teach you a lot about how you organise your day, schedule your work, and where you once have been wasting time and even money.

If you really want to get out there, own your life, live on your own terms, you must do what it takes (without it affecting too much of your health and wellbeing that is). No one makes it to the top without a lot of hard work and sometimes even pain. There are things you can learn on the internet for free when it comes to you choosing your blogging platform, adding a post, hitting publish or editing your post. Just put time aside, i.e. the right amount of time in your day to avoid burn out.

A beginner’s guide to blogging

How can a blog earn me money?

A couple of questions with a question. So how come you will work for a boss, do what he/she asks, work overtime and not get paid for it or get paid for it, take the blame, feel devalued and a whole lot more? Why wouldn’t you build a business where you don’t have to take all of that, and if you have to do overtime, then it’s for your own business. Why you’re not building a business where you pay your own cheque for your own worth?

This short beginner’s guide to blogging is here to say that if you put in the work, monetize, optimise, and keep giving value, companies will pay you to advertise on your blog. They will want to partner with you to sell their products on your website and receive a commission for it. With time you can become an authority figure, and you can create and sell your own products through the following you have built through blogging.

To read more articles about blogging, you can visit  https://why-blog.com/ or https://blogbenefits.com/ or https://yourblogcontent.com/ or https://blogginghurdles.com/

Mark Ford