Differences between a content writer, content strategist and a copywriter

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Okay, so let’s talk about the differences between a content writer, content strategist and a copywriter.

Differences between a content writer, content strategist and a copywriter

What does a content writer do?

A content writer is someone who can easily write for content marketing. A content writer, educates, gives instructions or even entertains readers. The content writer is capable of writing “evergreen content,” i.e. blog posts, articles, whitepapers, Ebooks, podcasts, email newsletters etc.

A content writer is both intentional and creates engaging content for the audience to find and for content to be found by search engines. The content writer has knowledge around SEO, syndication, paid and unpaid advertising.

The content that a content writer produces is more creative and enticing. It makes the reader want to learn more. Content marketing builds long-term relationships, i.e. the know, like and trust factors.

Problems that content writers may face

  • Content writers can lack experience or knowledge about the subject. They might be able to scratch the surface with what they write but will have difficulty going more in-depth. So when a company hires a content writer, they might not have worked in that niche, and therefore, they’re limited in writing about the subject matter.
  • Content writers may find that the area where they’re working in (if not working for themselves like me) could become boring topics to write about. The truth is, then you shouldn’t be a content writer. If you go around the organisation and talk to people, you will find some really interesting things people do. You will also find interesting things that products do so that you can write about them. However, this is a difficulty for a content writer, i.e. that the field they are writing about might just be very boring.
  • Content writers can write about topics, and unless they’ve been in a company or in the niche for years, they might not know the real deep issues that need to be addressed. They might not even know what challenges the market is facing to put their company in the position of an authority figure, and therefore, there is a huge gap which brings me to the next point.
  • Content writers don’t understand the audience to be able to use their skills to their best advantage to serve the audience with what could be really useful and beneficial to them. Most content writers never worked in sales, they don’t understand what other departments in a company really do, and might not even have any knowledge of the products, after all, there are so many companies providing so many services.
Differences between a content writer, content strategist and a copywriter

What does a content strategist do?

A content strategist is involved with the identity of the brand. A content strategist writes, edits and plans content. They ensure that the content is distributed over several channels, that the company is adhering to best practises, i.e. not breaching content marketing rules which can penalise the company. They analyse data and know about SEO. The content strategist must have a lot of knowledge from both content writing and copywriting. A content strategist needs to have solid copywriting skills, campaign experience, content presentation skills, content monetisation skills, content delivery skills, needs to pay attention to detail, user experience skills, editorial skills and I’m sure there are more skills, but this is what comes to my mind for now. The content strategist uses the content for the right purpose.

Problems that content strategists face

  • Content strategists have a lot more to handle; like keeping within the budgets, and they have to juggle several tasks that lead from one process to another. The content strategist has to stick to a strict schedule where they have to keep an eye for detail, creativity, innovation and keep to strict plans made from the start to the finish of a campaign. This leads me to the next point.
  • Integration and alignment can become an issue when different departments are involved and have to produce what is required so that content strategist can do their roles.
  • Content management is a huge one because the content strategist will be flooded with several versions, edits, shares, stored, created, emails, files, etc.
Differences between a content writer, content strategist and a copywriter

What does a copywriter do?

A copywriter writes catchy phrases and uses more of their creative side. They pull the audience in by using short words for headlines, press ads, etc. They usually work in advertising where they try to pull in an audience through a short space of time. They tell short stories via advertising and catch their audience’s attention through emotion.

The content a copywriter produces is often more straightforward and has a direct call to action. It might even contain prices. Copywriters are used for ads, emails, websites and social media.

Copywriters have to adhere to strict deadlines, have to manage a lot of pressure and often work for advertising agencies while some branch off to do content marketing.

Problems that copywriters face

  • The copywriter has to work with deadlines and could be sitting with a block trying to find the right phrase and can’t work at such a speed with a short deadline. They have to look at several things and have to have an eye for detail. For example, ensuring that in the video, the person isn’t wearing or using another brand while promoting the company whose brand they’re advertising. With not enough time, they might not produce the best advertisement.
  • Even though a copywriter is creating content that is short and straight to the point, they have to be familiar with technical software to deliver the content.

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