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Blogging Overview


Why Blog?

There are a thousand and one great reasons to write have a blog. But whether it’s to enhance your authority, compliment your passion or drive traffic to your offers. Your business is going to love you for it.

Why Blog Alone?

Some of the world’s most successful blogger hardly put pen to paper. There are thousands of writers just waiting to spread your message for you. You can reach a wide audience and scale your business to suit your vision.

Blogging Benefits

Drive FREE Traffic, Re-purpose and Network your Content, Create Authority and Brand Loyalty, Target Multiple Keywords… The list of positives just goes on and on.

Blogging Hurdles

Let’s be straight. Nothing worth doing doesn’t come with challenges. But getting clear on the common obstacles before they trip you up is the smart way to manage your blogging business. Boosting your pitfall’s know-how could save you months behind the keyboard.

This probably comes as no big surprise… but Blogging is still one of the most effective and low cost methods of marketing.


Syndication & Distribution.

These are the two magic words for any blogger. Get this right and you’ve got yourself a potentially limitless income stream.

Syndication & Distribution is about taking one piece of quality content and networking it effectively to reach the widest audience possible. Pure gold dust.

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Keyword & Market Research.

This is the true difference between a successful and an unsuccessful blogging business. Miss out this ‘key’ factor and your not only leaving money on the table. You might as well not have come to play at all. Your blogs will be tumbleweed just blowing in the wind.

Attaining mastery of this one essential craft could turn your business around… long term.

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Managing Blogger Overwhelm…

The secret to any smart and successful business person is in the way they manage their time and their tasks. Not all tasks are created equal… and a lot of them are not necessary at all.

Having a clearly set focus and plan in place for what’s going to be you best blogging strategy will not only be saving you time and ultimately money. It will save you a lot of headache in the process.

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“..it’s absolutely crucial to understand the power of blogging in business.”

“Blogging covers so many of the essential bases for what a thriving business needs. Quality traffic engaged in what you’re talking about. Established authority and leading from a place of high value. That’s a golden combination. Any real business owner in this day and age would not overlook using blogging somewhere in their business strategy.”

The Million Dollar Question.

‘What To Blog About?’. This single important theme could make or brake your efforts as a blogger. Writing about random and misaligned stuff could spread your authority too thin and miss the target. Moreover, if you’re not bridging skillfully to your offers, then they might seem in-congruent and non of your traffic will convert into buyers.

However. Just putting a little thought, know-how and learning a few key skills around this topic, could put you in a different league of understanding. Something that will be well worth your time and effort.

Buildings without solid foundations fall down…

Effective Blog Structure is something easy to learn and will have a BIG IMPACT on the results you see from your blogging. When writing a truly quality blog, then a lot of factors come into play. But you can get to grips with many of the fundamental principles behind a successfully sculpted blog simply by following a handful of basic rules and trying them out consistently. Before long you’ll be churning out high value content to your readership and just watch your business thrive.

What is a Blog?

A Blogger is someone who shares their interests with the world. The blog stands as the portal into this world and should attract people who receive some kind of value for their time checking out the blog.

For some bloggers, writing is their passion. For others, the final creative and the message shared is what drives their blogs. 

Whatever the reason, an effectively built and consistently distributed blog can bring many opportunities for both the readership and the blog owner. Each quality blog post can provide first grade virtual real estate for promoting other products and services which the reader could chose to investigate.

This is one of the key reasons why any serious blogger should have a clear blogging overview, so that their efforts are best spent.



What is a blog for most small business owners?… Well, blogs can serve as perhaps the best free marketing strategy for promoting authority in a specific niche. That’s useful for any business getting up and running.

Blogger Vs Bloggers

What we say alone can often be quietened by the voices of many. Many professional blogs seek out a variety of authors in order to reach a bigger audiences.

Solution Based.

This blogging overview would be incomplete without stating the fundamental key to business. It’s about providing the solution to someone else’s problem. For a true blogger, that’s their one true goal.

A Blogger For Life…


Sharing value to others, bringing solutions to people’s problems. These are two things that go a long way, not just for a blogger’s business but for the nourishment of a individual’s purpose.

Blogging can provide a creative outlet for being able to share the best of what you know in a specific area, so that other people’s lives are made easier by the solutions and opportunities you provide in your blog.

A blogger who always comes from a place of distributing quality value is a blogger who is set for success in the arena of blogging.

Mark Ford – Blogging Expert

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