Should I outsource the content for my blog?


Mark Ford here,

Hope you are doing well. Now yesterday, I talked about outsourcing. I wanted to take you into the concept around outsourcing. I thought the topic would help you all-round in your business.

Now that you got to see the benefits and disadvantages of outsourcing, I wanted to present you with this topic and what you could be facing when outsourcing the content for your blog.

Let’s look at the questions you might be asking yourself.

Should I outsource the content for my blog?

Perhaps you are a small business or a medium-sized business. You have to run the day to day functions, i.e. the HR department, accounts, sales, marketing, etc. The truth is that you can outsource the accounts to an accounting company for example, but to outsource the content creation you’re having a lot of doubts, and you’re really wondering, “Should I outsource the content for my blog?”

You are worried that if you outsource the blog content, the messaging won’t be congruent to the company’s voice, messaging, style and business personality.

Let’s look into the pros and cons of whether you should outsource your content for your blog.

Should I outsource the content for my blog?
  • Your readers are used to you, and you’ve built a following

Here you are, you have created a successful blog over time. Now you need assistance and are concerned about how your fans and followers are going to react to new posts that are being outsourced. You have built over time the relationship with your followers, and they know, like and trust you. You have taken a lot of time to create an incredible brand.

You perhaps have no choice but to hire people to help you. In the beginning, it will be challenging. It takes people time to change their mindset. If you’re going to find someone else to write your blog posts then ensure that

  1. You find a content writer that captures yours or your company’s essence, including the messaging. Take the time to educate your writer about what the company is looking for; the style, the messaging, and to read other content to keep things congruent in terms of the company’s tone.
  2. If you’re already posting good content, ensure that the person writing your posts works or worked in this niche and as long as the content is of good quality your readers and followers will stick with you.
  3. When it comes to more important content; an important announcement through a piece of content, look over it and make the amendments yourself.
  4. Another option to consider is that you can also write a post now and again to keep the readers in tune so that they will keep an eye on your posts and keep reading knowing they will see a post from you soon.
  5. Pay a writer for their worth; you get what you receive for paying little money to a writer that isn’t established compared to a writer that has written for say The Sunday Times.
  • Get another perspective

If you’re the only person writing your blog posts, then the readers only have your perspective. Having a content writer write a few of your posts might help you, and your readers get a fresh perspective. This break from writing your own blog posts will give you a different outlook so that when you begin to write some posts yourself, you will have evolved.

Should I outsource the content for my blog?
  • “Should I outsource the content for my blog because I am struggling to stick to deadlines?”

This is a sure way to go if you can’t focus on bigger business goals. As much as you want to have control over everything there is a way you can delegate your tasks and still look over what once used to be your job just to get a fresh perspective, let an expert handle the subject matter. The more your business grows, the more you will have to delegate. This also avoids burnout.

  • You save money on paying a full-time employee their perks, bonuses and benefits when you outsource

It is very costly to have full-time employees when you can hire a freelancer. You can hire a freelancer on an ad hoc basis, and you will be able to pay a fixed price on a piece of work. If you don’t like the work the freelancer is doing, you can find another freelancer. Having a full-time team with a contract is hard to let go of, especially if there are a lot of quiet intervals. If there are busy intervals, you can ramp up the content through outsourcing.

  • Boost your blog authority and credibility

While you’re freeing up time to handle bigger priorities, you can manage the backend technicalities to have more people access your blog so that you can increase the traffic to your website.

Should I outsource the content for my blog?

How to choose a blogger

To choose the right blogger, you can look out for the following:

  • Is the blogger an expert or knows this niche?
  • What is his or her blogging voice like and will it be congruent to the blogging voice that you achieved over time?
  • How long is she/he blogging for?
  • Do they have proven results?
  • Can they help you achieve what you are trying to achieve and are they skilled enough?
  • Can you trust he or she to keep up the good reputation that your company currently has?

Do not look at the pennies when outsourcing your content. This is about your company’s reputation. Quality content will help keep your followers, readership and gain new clients.

The cons of outsourcing the content for your blog

  • If you don’t have a budget, you are better off creating your own blog posts. It’s best to pay someone for writing good quality posts or get it done yourself.
  • You know your audience better than anyone else does. You’ve been writing blog posts for years now, and you’ve managed to grow your audience, readership and even the sales pipeline. You are not ready to let someone else take the reins and discredit your blog.
  • You’re no longer honing your writing skills because you have to prioritise your own time now.
  • You have to create a content strategy plan along with a budget to pay your freelance writers just to free up your own time. You used to create your own blog content before.
  • You stop gaining knowledge that you used to learn with doing your posts. 

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